Namaste, I'm RohitNamaste | folded hands

Full stack Software Developer. I develop Websites, Web-apps.

I also like to write about Web-Dev, JavaScript in general.

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Hello, Nice to see you here.
I'm a Self-taught Full Stack Software Developer.
Available for Freelance Projects and Work.
Contact me for any collaboration or just to say Hii

What I do?

  • Websites / Web-apps
  • Full Stack Apps
  • Web Design

Tech Stack

  • React
  • Node.js / Express
  • MongoDB / PostgreSQL
  • Gatsby / Next.js


  • Football
  • Coffee
  • Sleep 💤
  • Chess ♟️
  • Music 🎧


These are my collection of blogs. I like to write about Web-Dev and JavaScript in general.

Read my blogs


Collection of my recently done projects..
Many more coming!

Patelness Website Revamp

This was my first client project as a freelancer along with my friend.

Digital Invoice maker

A digital invoice maker to solve manually keeping track of the invoices.

Google News Clone

Simple clone of Google News built using React

React, Redux ToDo

A simple demo ToDo app demonstrating usage of Redux with React

Complete User Auth

A complete and easy to integrate User-Authentication REST API for any application with Express.js and MongoDB as backend.


Can discuss Work, Football, Coffee ;)

Shoot mail if you want to collaborate 🚀